April 29, 2021

American Airlines Business Class Between Miami and Bogotá

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American Airlines has served dozens of destinations in South America for decades from its hub in Miami — with approximately 68 percent of the market share, meaning that it is the largest airline at the international airport — and Bogotá is no exception. Although the largest city in Colombia is known as a destination for conducting business, the interest of tourists to visit one of the highest capital cities in the world has been increasing in recent years…

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…and what better way to travel to and from Bogotá than nonstop service seated in business class?

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American Airlines Business Class Trip Report

As no first class cabin is available on the flights between Miami and Bogotá with American Airlines, business class is the only true premium class option — and American Airlines operates nonstop service between Miami and Bogotá four times per day.

Depending on the day and time of departure, you have your choice of airplane type through Monday, August 16, 2021 of either a Boeing 777-200, which has 37 lie-flat seats and a seat width of 29.1 inches in its Flagship business class cabin; a Boeing 787 “Dreamliner”, which has 20 lie-flat seats with a seat width of 21 inches, and ten of which face the rear of the aircraft; or a Boeing 737MAX 8 aircraft, which has 16 seats with a seat width of 21 inches that do not lie flat, and operates twice per day. The seat pitch of the Boeing 737MAX 8 aircraft is 37 inches.

Effective as of Tuesday, August 17, 2021, you have your choice of an Airbus A319 — which has only eight seats with a seat width of 21 inches that do not lie flat — the seat pitch is 38 inches — or a Boeing 787 “Dreamliner”. Both airplanes will operate twice per day between Miami and Bogotá.

Prior to the departure flight from Miami, business class passengers have access to the expansive Flagship airport lounge, which offers a variety of chef-inspired meals, snacks, beverages which include a premium wine table and a specialty cocktail bar, personalized service, shower suites, things to do, and numerous places to relax. Guests are not included with the complimentary access to the Flagship lounge, which is located on Concourse D near gate D30.

The adjacent Admirals Club lounge is also an option which is available at no extra charge; but it includes a limited variety of food and beverages, with full meals and premium beverages available at an extra cost. With either lounge option, you can monitor the status of your flight so that you may arrive at the gate in time to board the airplane. Eligible immediate family members or guests must present a boarding pass for travel on an eligible flight on the same day.

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Expect a pillow and a blanket — sealed in plastic wrap — to await you at your seat; and you can store your belongings in the overhead storage bins, which have ample space. The seat will be reasonably comfortable and adjustable — but as this premium class of service is not true international business class, do not expect all of the amenities which are typically available on a long-haul flight.

Shortly after settling in your seat, a member of the flight crew will offer you a hard zippered case enshrouded in cloth which contains Bang & Olufsen headphones. Even if you are not an audiophile, be prepared to use them throughout most of the duration of the flight, as the sound quality overall was very good to excellent. You can use them with your portable electronic device or with the in-flight entertainment system, which offered literally hundreds of choices of movies, television programs, games, music, and an interactive map.

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Access to Wi-Fi and electric power outlets, and USB ports with power are available on every flight except those operated with the Airbus A319. Additionally, seat back entertainment is available on every flight except those operated with the Boeing 737MAX and Airbus A319 aircraft, which offer streaming on your portable electronic device instead.

Be forewarned that advertising and public address announcements may constantly interrupt the in-flight entertainment experience with American Airlines. Bring a portable electronic device loaded with your favorite entertainment to fill in for most of those interruptions.

In addition to the tray table and a smaller tray from inside the center console to hold a beverage, a third tray option folded out from the center console of the seats in front of your seat, which is a potentially useful feature — especially if you need to reach down to your bag located under the seat in front.

Expect your dining experience to start with a choice of beverage prior to departure. As the airplane approaches its cruising altitude, a member of the flight crew will offer you a moist hot cloth with which to refresh yourself. Shortly thereafter, you will be served a mixed array of warm nuts — which typically includes almonds and cashews — followed by a choice of hot entrée, which could be sliced chicken breast or pork with a side dish, or a pasta option such as cheese ravioli in a pesto sauce.

Accompaniments to the main meal may include a penne rigati pasta salad; an appetizer of salami with mozzarella cheese; and a chocolate chip cookie — or perhaps smoked salmon with cucumber pieces and cherry tomato halves; a salad with fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, lettuce and thin strips of red pepper; and a small bottle of olive oil. Your meal will include a pat of butter, salad dressing, salt, and pepper; and your choice of a fresh warm roll will be offered to you by a member of the flight crew during your meal.

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Chocolate ice cream in a strawberry sauce and topped with chocolate shavings was offered for dessert — although the dessert which you may be offered may vary.

If the meal somehow does not suffice for the remainder of the flight, you will be offered a choice of assorted snacks after the meal.

The business class experience was pleasant overall; but with some exceptions, do not expect it to be substantially different from the experience of being seated in the economy class cabin — especially on a flight whose duration is only three hours and 30 minutes.

Included with business class fares, you get two checked bags priority tagged at no extra cost — as well as priority security at participating airports, and priority boarding.

The cost of traveling in business class round trip between Miami and Bogotá with American Airlines in 2021 can be as little as double of what you would pay for the lowest price Basic Economy ticket — but keep in mind that meal service and other amenities in all classes of service may temporarily vary due to the current 2019 Novel Coronavirus pandemic. For example, fresh snacks are served in the business class cabin during flights between 5:00 in the morning and 9:00 in the evening. Additionally, airport lounges may still be temporarily closed.

The classes of service which are offered by American Airlines between Miami and Bogotá include Business, Premium Economy, Main Cabin, and Basic Economy.

From its humble beginnings when it was founded back on April 15, 1926 — when Charles Lindberg flew the first flight to have mail delivered from St. Louis to Chicago — to when founder C.R. Smith worked with Donald Douglas to create the DC-3 aircraft, American Airlines today operates a total of 881 aircraft from both Airbus and Boeing via ten hub airports in the United States, which means that the airline has the largest commercial fleet of airplanes in the world.